By Frankie Bull

One day I was confronted by two girls who asked if I could direct them to the Entertainment Office. I replied "Oh no, not more bloody Australians". The laugh, in the long run, was on me. One of those two girls became my wife and we are still together after 45 years. Such is life. (This is the "fate" bit I referred to in Part I.)

And here is that lovely girl, WENDY GIBSON,
in that very same Entertainment Office I directed her to.

Wendy - my only train of thought since the day I met her.

Frankie and Wendy
She told me I was her Rock.
I told her she was my Garden!!

Me in my daytime hat,
on the chairlift.

Me in my "pulling hat" (Note the sparkle!)
enjoying a drink in the 'Blinking Owl' on a night off.
Back Row: Danny McGuire, Self, Clark Morrison
Front Row: catering staff

A group of us in the Regency Bar
REDS: Johnny Nock, anon, Rod Skinner, Dave Moore, and self

Remember the old gag: "What do you call a group of Reds?" Ans: "A clot"
These four clots are: Dave Moore, Gill Gibson, Wendy Gibson, Frankie Bull.

Lunchtime Horse-Racing on film in the Blinking Owl Bar
Don't ask me why I'm dressed as a cowboy!

Same session - next race (look at the Totaliser Boards)
(L-R) Redcoat Dancer, Colin Bridges, Eric Bentley, Gloria Gay
[Why aren't they dressed as cowboys? I feel such a fool now!]

Me compering the "Lucky Dip" Show.
No that's not a guest trying out one of the new Japanese-style chalets.

(Liz Bolton at Back.)

Me compering the 'Musical Buckets' game in the "Lucky Dip" Show.
The buckets were soaked with hot water so they crumpled easily.
Mind you, looking at these ladies, I think the buckets would have crumpled anyway!

A Band of Redcoats in the Regency Bar
(L-R) Rod Skinner, Johnny Nock, Self, Ken Hopson, anon, anon, Dave Moore.

One of my fellow Redcoats was Rod Skinner, who was a good drummer (see above), and we holidayed in Majorca for a couple of weeks at the end of season. It was there I realised that Wendy was the girl for me, much to Rod's disdain. Wendy and I then got engaged and she came to my hometown to live with me and my family during the 65-66 winter.

I declined the offer of further winter work with Butlins, and took a job as resident compere/vocalist in a country pub that was owned by one of my schoolmate's parents. Good days.

Frankie Bull

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In October 2012, former Pwllheli 1965 Redcoat Ian Reynolds found this page, and sent in the boxing photo below, with this email:

Enjoyed visiting your site which brought back many memories from my one and only season as a Redcoat. I am number 6 on the photo and I think number 7 is Elaine? Gee-Smythe and 10 is Mike Johnson. I thought Frankie Bull and others might enjoy the attached 'Boxing' photo which includes Frankie, Eric Bentley, Esme Van Boyd and Rod Skinner with Danny Doyle (yours truly is behind Danny). Also attached is a Daily Detail from August 1965 which might prompt someone to put a name to the unidentified faces.

Best wishes, Ian Reynolds


Middle (in Reds) Danny Doyle. Ian Reynolds behind Danny (head only!!)
Front centre L-R: Frankie Bull, Eric Bentley, Esme Van Boyd, Rod Skinner


BUTLINS PWLLHELI 1964 - Frankie Bull

BUTLINS BRIGHTON 1964-65 - Frankie Bull


FRANKIE BULL Part IV - 1966 season at Pwllheli


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