We are delighted to welcome DDDave Roberts, who was a Skeg Red for two-and-a-half Seasons.

Before you start thinking my "D" key is stuck, let me explain that DDDave is so named because he has a stutter. And no! I'm not being cruel - that was actually how he chose to have his name printed on his Butlin's badge. I recently phoned DDDave and, when he picked the phone up, I enquired: "Is that Dave?" he immediately corrected me with: "No! It's DDDave."

As Alfalfa said in an episode of the "The Little Rascals" (when a chicken was trying to peck off the corn-stalk of hair on the crown of his head) "You can't take that. That's my identity." And so, likewise, DDDave he shall always be.

DDDAVE ROBERTS (1972 - 1974)

There are those whose sole aim in becoming a Redcoat is to get as much stage experience as possible. They don't particularly like the Campers; unless, that is, the Campers are applauding their stage performance. And then there are the Redcoats who have no desire to go on stage, but absolutely love mixing with the campers. To the latter category belonged DDDave.

Campers instinctively know the difference between a Redcoat who is just tolerating them because it's a part of their duty, and one who is enjoying their company. And because DDDave was such a genuine, unpretentious kind of guy, every one of them loved him.

Butlins Skegness 1972 to 1974 Dddave 1

Here's a proper Redcoat. One who loves being with the public,
and is loved by kids and adults in return. That's - DDDave.

Butlins Skegness 1972 to 1974 Dddave 2

Come 1974, fashions had changed rapidly. The width of trousers at the ankles had expanded from 12" to 22" as flares and bellbottoms becoming the norm. Hair too had grown several inches, as the "I look like an absolute tosser" came into being (of which I too became a member). At the time though, we all thought we looked great.

He's back - and he's wearing a mullet. Aaaaaagh!

Butlins Skegness 1972 to 1974 Dddave 3

Sad to say, DDDave walked out halfway through the 1974 season at Skegness, owing to what he attributed at the time to a minor disagreement with another Red. He later came to realise that it was the urge to get home to his then girlfriend, that actually led to his leaving. But, in turn, he came to miss Skegness, and wishes he had been able to spend many more happy seasons there. So too do the many returning campers who have since asked after him.

Nowadays DDDave still lives in Lincoln; is divorced, with two children; and his love of Campers has transferred to a love of dddogs. He has three Staffordshire Terriers which he regularly shows off at Dog Agility Fairs. And, to bring in the bread and the dog food, he hosts weekly DDDiscos and Quiz Nights. Although this could be translated at "stagework" he is still happiest when mixing with the public. Once a Red - always a Red!


Our thanks go to DDDave Roberts for sharing these wonderful images with us,
others of which can be found on this website.

Please note this account was written a number of years ago,
during which there have been changes in DDDave's life.

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