EPISODE 2 - Red in the Blood

In Part 1 we plotted the many holidays the Brownley family had at Butlins Clacton between 1949 and 1960.

In this episode, Gay fulfills her dream job, and becomes a Butlins Redcoat.


In the words of the Maurice Chevalier song:
"Sank 'eaven, for leetle girls,
For leetle girls get bigger evereeday."

When we first met Gay she was just six. Now she's a fully-blossomed eighteen year old.
But her parents were still around, to keep their eye on her.


Dad, Gay, Mum.

Now Gay was working on the Entertainments team, there was more time to spend with her favourite Redcoats from the year before, when she had been on holiday at Clacton. These included ....


Ken Arnold

And Roger - who had put that bike to good use again. But which one had she come back for??


Redcoat Roger catches Gay again.

There were also new girlfriends to spend time with, like Redcoat Eileen.


Eileen and Gay on their day off.

Gay's sister, too, had made friends.


Jill with Redcoat 'Peachy' Mead

But let's not forget there were Redcoat duties to perform.


Gay and Pauline officiating at the Junior Sports Day.
It looks like that freezing Yorkshire wind, coming in off the
North Sea, was making it difficult to manage even a smile.

Then there was the Redcoat Show.


Gay and Pauline backstage, get
an interloper in the girls' dressing room.

And after the show was some cameraderie with your teammates.


Gay is back row, centre. Others pictured are Mike Grogan, Pauline, Pam, and Eileen.


Gay returns for the 1962 season


BUTLINS CLACTON 1949-1960 - Gay Brownley

BUTLINS CLACTON 1962 indoors - Gay Brownley

BUTLINS CLACTON 1962 outdoors - Gay Brownley

BUTLINS CLACTON 1963 - Gay Brownley

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