Here's a book written by MIKE MARTIN - one of our very own members of Redcoats Reunited.


BE LUCKY - The Story of George Martin - The Casual Comedian
by Mike Martin

George Martin was a star of variety, radio and T.V.in the 1950s, who went
on to become a prolific scriptwriter for many top names of the 60s - 80s,
such as Tommy Cooper, Dave Allen, Rolf Harris, Harry Worth, Jimmy Tarbuck,
David Nixon and Basil Brush.

"Diligently researched... packed with anecdotes and classic stories of the famous and infamous
... Mike has woven a beautiful, affectionate and truthful picture of a talented enigma
." (Roy Hudd)

There are quite a few Butlins references in the book, especially regarding George's brother ,Bill Martin,  
who was a legendary figure in the Butlins holiday camps as an entertainments manager and performer.

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And here's a lovely book from the "Love, Dolly" series of books, by Valerie Fleet.
It's written by an adult, but through the eyes of a child, Dolly, who allows us access to her daily diary entries.
The highlight for lovers of all things Butlins is the account of Dolly's week at Butlins Pwllheli, in the summer of 1967.


Wish You Were Here - Love, Dolly

Set in the summer of 1967, when holiday camps were the place to go, nine-year-old Dolly
keeps a diary of her thoughts, feelings and adventures. Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Pwllheli
provides a colourful backdrop to her exploits and takes the reader into the world of
Redcoats and family entertainment.

Dolly’s diary is a poignant reminder to live for the moment and cherish the time we have with
those closest to us, because one day the opportunity will be gone forever. All your senses
are stirred in this simply told diary, and your own memories come flooding back.

(Jenny Mosley Founder of the 'Quality Circle Time Model')

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Butlin's 75 Years of Fun!
Sylvia Endacott & Shirley Lewis

To be published in April 2011
12.99, paperback
ISBN 978-0-7524-5863-2

A nostalgic glimpse of the history of Butlin's, to celebrate
the 75th Anniversary of the start of Billy Butlin's empire.

On 11th April 1936, after successfully developing a series of fun fairs, Billy Butlin opened holiday centres across
the UK- the first being Skegness, to provide families with an inexpensive but entertaining holiday. Over the years
these holiday camps have both expanded and declined, due to changes in our preference for types of holidays.
Butlin's now boasts of spa hotels-today's resorts being quite different from the chalets of yesteryear.
"Our True Intent is all for Your Delight" - the original slogan, is fondly remembered by all original holidaymakers,
whether they enjoyed one trip to a holiday centre or who still make an annual pilgrimage with their families.

" A trip down memory lane for all who knew and loved the Butlin's holiday camps.

" Features over 300 photographs from private collections and some from the Butlin's archives, which also includes
fond memories from employees and holidaymakers- many illustrations being published for the first time.

" A nostalgic selection of ephemera includes images of postcards and adverts illustrating the history of the many
centres and how we associate with the most 'British' of establishments.

Redcoats ? Water Worlds ? Glamorous Grandmothers ? National Talent contests are all here!



Sylvia Endacott and Shirley Lewis worked for Butlin's for a joint total of forty-five years. Now retired,
they are local historians who compile historical displays for events in Bognor Regis. Sylvia Endacott gives
talks on the history of Butlin's entitled 'One Man's Dream.' For ten years she wrote a weekly local history
column and has compiled twelve local history books.
The authors' other title: "Reflections of Bognor Regis" was published in 2007.

Available from all good bookshops.


or from Marston Book Services, tel: 01235 465577

or Signed copies direct from Sylvia Endacott - contact Sylvia@endacott.eu

When buying your copy, be sure to mention REDCOATS REUNITED


Revised 2010

If you thought that Billy Butlin conceived the idea
of Holiday Camps, then opened the first-ever one in 1936,
prepare to have your beliefs changed.
The book plots the history of the Holiday Camps, from the first "pioneers"
to go on regular tenting holidays; through summer camps for children, then into
government camps set up to encourage health & fitness, before getting to the
style of camps that Butlin created, which the authors term "Holiday Towns."

It's great piece of social history, and contains all the facts about:
"Who opened What, When, and Where,"
and follows the camps through to their final demise, or current status.

The illustrations are disappointing but, ironically,
the book gives a complete picture of the
birth, growth, and metamorphosis of the Holiday Camp,
through to the present day.

by Colin Ward and Dennis Hardy
ISBN 978-1-905512-08-9 Paperback, 186 pages
12.99, available from www.fiveleaves.co.uk and through all booksellers.



It may not say "BUTLINS" on the tin, but if you have ever worked the Holiday Camps,
you will recognise all the characters, all the scams, and all the goings on. Timeless humour.

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Complete Series

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Our True Intent is all For Your Delight
The John Hinde Butlin's Photographs [Hardcover]

Contains 55 full-page superb quality postcard views
of all the Butlins Holiday Camps, as they were in past decades.

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The Billy Butlin Story

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Other books to buy:

LAUREL & HARDY - The British Tours


CHAPLIN - Stage by Stage


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